2023/05/07 18:21

 Supercar Eraser Sumo



The Japan Stationery Sports Association (JSSA) has remade a modern version of the analog game of supercar Eraser Sumo, which was popular in the 70's mainly among the generation around junior high school students all over Japan, and is introducing to the world a new analog sport that combines features of traditional Japanese culture such as stationery games, tatami mats, and sumo wrestling We are working to bring back family ties and world peace by promoting this new analog sport to the world!




       Cultural exchange between Japan and Italy

       To promote Japan's unique culture (playing with stationery, etc.) to the world and exchange across national borders

        Spread the beauty and fun of cars to the younger generation.

        Recognize the beauty of car design and craftsmanship.

        Relieve smartphone addiction by making people aware of the fun and enjoyment of analog play or revive family reunions that have been divided by smartphones.

        Promote communication by compensating for the lack of communication in Covid.

        Analog games that do not use electricity to provide temporary peace of mind in the event of disasters, conflicts, or other evacuation situations.


The Supercar Eraser Boom of the 1970s


       As one of the items in the supercar boom that took Japan by storm in the late 1970s, this was one of the goods sold in the Toy Capsule Vendor machines available at toy stores at the time.

       It was sold in the shape of various sports cars made by supercar manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche, made of rubber about 3 cm in diameter. (The generic name for this product was Supercar Eraser, but it was actually not an eraser but an inerasable resin  product.)

        Since the name "eraser" meant that these were stationery rather than toys, students were able to take them to school and play with them on their desks in the classroom using a push ball pen (Product name: BOXY).


What is ... Supercar Eraser Sumo?


       An analog sport in which two players face each other in a sumo-like competition using a 50 cm square tatami mat placed on a table as a ring, using a super-precise super car eraser and a booster pen specially designed for eraser playing, which has been developed and marketed by GGFT Co. since 2019.

       The game is won by knocking the opponent's eraser out of the ring using the booster pen or by knocking it over.

       A competition in which even small children with limited strength or wheelchair users with disabilities can participate, using only the tips of their fingers.

       The front and back edges of the ring prevent the eraser from falling easily. This is the same as in real sumo.


About the erasers used in Super Car Eraser Sumo


       As in Sumo, the game is divided into East (green) and West (red) camps.

       The erasers used by the east camp are Japanese super car erasers, which are precise reproductions of Japanese service cars (dump trucks, fire trucks, etc.).

       The erasers used by the west camp are Italian supercar erasers that precisely reproduce Italian high-performance cars (Lamborghini, Maserati, etc.).

       Both camps' erasers have their own characteristics depending on the car model (light but can reach far, heavy but strong enough to repel opponents, etc.), and there is a ranking list in order of the strongest of them.

       The car models of the erasers to be played against are given at random, and it is not known which car model will be used until just before the match.


Super Car Eraser Sumo Rules


       You win by knocking your opponent's eraser out of the ring or by knocking it down.

        The time limit for each match is two minutes.

        The winner is the first two winners of three matches.

        Players take turns playing with the booster pen, one at a time.

        The order of play is determined by lottery (draw one of two chopsticks and choose the one with a red mark on it)

        If the game is not settled within the time limit, the players take turns playing eraser twice in a row until the game is settled (starting with the player who drew the red mark in the lottery).


What is a booster (ball paint) pen?


       The booster pen is a design that combines a 12-cylinder engine, shifting gears, and a muffler.

        You can choose between strong (gear 4) and weak (gear 3) erasers.

       Penalty if you play and do not touch the opponent's eraser (*The next attack by the opponent will be two times in a row)